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GoFinix is a product of Trade Sights Web Services who offers you the hotel software for free all over India. It’s a breakthrough beginning for the hotel-owners and users for starting their business activities on the internet. No payment or card information is needed here. Our hotel booking software is fully customized and GST ready according to the guidelines of the Government of India. You just need to register and a brand new software will be ready for you.

About The Product

With the concept of hotel accounting solution, we have launched the brand new GST ready hotel management software for free. A simple process containing perfect registration, signing up, uplisting required information about your hotels and booking on our official website can lead you to consume 100% authentic software for the ultimate solution for your hotels

Benefits With Gofinix

We are the first organization, to offer you the brand new hotel software for free in India. Just log in with our website and you will be able to track every single detail about your hotel business. We are gathering your each and every hotel details from different websites so that you can manage all your details in one touch.

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You are welcomed to experience the journey with GoFinix on a free trial package for first 15 days. To sign up for free click here.

Hotel Management Software Features

GoFinix is the cloud based Hotel management software that offers a fully customized and GST ready billing software all over India. We proclaim ourselves to be the best hotel invoicing software with unlimited benefits.

Hotels & Rooms

Consumers may have the detail information of their Hotels and each room of each hotel in this section. They can maintain the detail information of their “Hotels”. They can get the detailed address, area, nearest railway station or airport from this section. Check in check out time, star category, hotel logo and the facilities can be marked here in detail. In Room Details the consumer will have the room name, bed count, number of person, HSN/SAC Code, room and bed type, number of similar rooms and about the price most importantly.



  • Utilization

The availability, occupied and blocked room details are available via diagram in this section.

  • GST

This section is referred to get the invoice information of customer with GST type within a period of 1 month. The users may change the dates to get the information of particular period. If they need the total information of particular GST type, they can search by the type too.

  • Day Book

The users can get the total track of their earning, expense and the remaining balance of a particular period. Henceforth they don’t need to list it down anywhere else.

  • Booking

The section contains the booking status with order ID, number of room, paid amount and total payable amount.

      • Guest Review

How the guests are giving the review about the esteemed hotel where they stayed for a while, will be shown here. The good or bad, better or worse- the users may get the true review of their guests regarding some topics of the hotel.

Restaurant Module

    • Customized Menu List
  • Easiest way to manage the menu with multiple category section. No more adjusting to the traditional ways of arranging your menu items.

        • Invoice Generation

    The users can make a invoice on a room number. All the orders can collaborated with a single invoice. Taxes are incorporated here.

        • Payment Receipt

    Certainly, your guests are open to decide on how they want to get their bills sorted. The restaurant POS software gives you an option to pay via multiple receipt; letting your guests pay as per their feasibility.

        • Order Management

    The users can get the detailed information of their consumers orders in this section. Cancellation, edit, Delivery updates are available.

    Front Office

      • Create New Booking

    This section is referred to get the detail information of new bookings. Booking dates, particular hotel, room number, room charges, number of persons, number of nights the guests will use the rooms, total cost, discount, payment details and the customer details as well.

        • Booking History

    The users can have the accumulated information of each and every booking detail here. They can get the quick glance of order ID, invoice number, customer name, price, payment, status of the booking and the necessary action of the booking easily in this section.

        • Check In/Out

    This section is referred to the detail information of arrival and departure of the guests in your particular hotel. Whenever the guests appear in the hotel rooms to check in and they leave after check out, the consumers can get the information in this section.

        • Customers

    The users can get the detailed information of their consumers in this section.

        • Inventory Calendar

    Inventory calendar shows the availability of rooms with dates. They can get the information of booked room numbers and the available dates in this section.

    Sign up for your free GoFinix trial account

    You are welcomed to experience the journey with GoFinix on a free trial package for first 15 days. To sign up for free click here.
    user review

    Perfection in work can’t be achieved without criticism. So the guest review is must to enhance the quality of service. Whenever the guests will check out, they will be asked to give a feedback, so that the users can get the clear review.


      • Expense Management

    The users can get the clear track of their expense in particular period in this section. It will help them to get the information whenever it is needed

          • Others Income

    If the users earn via other platform except booking of the hotel rooms, then they can get the detail information in this section. The total earning in particular period will be shown here.