When client have proposed us for the project, they have few requirements to develop the application-

Client’s Requirements

Seamless parking managed by online

This feature allows the customers for a free-flow parking booking and payment experience, which is allowing the customers to simple park and go.

Transparency while booking

No brain-gobbling issues during the booking, showing the time, and the space allocated for booking.

Availability to the customer

when the customer is booking a parking space, the app will show the customer if there is any place to book his/her car. This is quite significant to the customer as he knows previously if there is any space or not.

Powerful Features



Parking allocation rules- This feature is designed for the user, so that the user can see the parking allocation rules for a particular space.
Manage the users- To manage the users in a convivial way, so a hassle free booking can be done.



Search nearby parking lot- When a customer is about to booking for a parking, then he/she can see the nearby parking lot and can act accordingly.
Price and distance comparison matrix- The user can compare with the other providers price, to decide what would be better for you. Not only that, the user can also compare the distance of the parking, which the others are providing, and can act accordingly.
Parking alert- User will receive a notification, when the nearby parking lot is free, so that the user can park on the area.
Invoicing- User will get the invoice based on the action.
Online payment- User can pay online, based on the services he/she use.


Awesome Screens

Technical Implementation

We have developed the application with the help of the following languages-

For Web Application

  • Front end- Asp.Net ,MVC, C#, jquery, HTML5
  • Back end- SQLserver, Rest API
For Mobile Application

  • Front end- Xamarin, XAML
  • Back end- SQLite, RESTAPI


When we started to develop this application, we have some hurdles. But with the efficacy and dedication of our development team , we have successfully overcome the barriers.
Multi booking and space allotment algorthrym- Multiple booking facility is the where the user can book multiple parking and can also know about the vacate parking space, if there is any.
Create easy to use application for the users- As the client want, the application should be developed in a way, so that the application be user friendly to the users, and the user can use the application in a hassle free way.
To create a transparent booking system- a transparent booking system is utmostly needed, for user satisfaction, provided by all the knitty-gritty of the application. This is main challenge when we developed this application.



To develop this application, we have taken a time 2.5 months and our 3 developers have worked overnight to develop this application. That is how we have delivered the project on time to the client.