Jewel Studio

It is jewellary manufacturing company. It also has inventory management system along with barcoding system too. This company owns all the work with the help of these systems.



Stock transfer between branches

When there are any stock transfer between branches, the user will get the notification of it.

GST enabled invoicing

This app offers GST enabling invoicing including CGST, SGST, IGST.

Lost and damage control

Managing lost and damage control with the aid of these application.

Full inventory system with barcodiing

This application offers full inventory system with the barcoding system, that is helpful to find the particular good.


Awesome Screens

Client’s Requirement

Clients have few requirements when they approach us for the project-

Easy to access application with barcoding

The application could be easily used with the unique feature barcoding.

To create easy application for their users

The app should be designed in a way, so that their users can use it easily.

Managing huge inventory using barcode

As they have a bulk stock, it is not possible all the times to seek manually for a particular product. Using barcode will be a good option for the users.

Protecting lost and damage entry

If a good is damaged or lost, with the help of this application, this can be easily traced and the app will store a record of that.

Simple automation stock transfer

It is the act of moving goods from one part of the distribution chain to another. This application is created for stock transfer between branches and warehouses.


During the development of this application, we have faced a challenge-


Stock transfer automation-

It is a special procurement type, and this application could be used in a way, so it helps to transfer the company’s goods from one warehouse plant to another.

Technical implantation

We have developed the application with the help of the following languages-


Asp.Net ,MVC, C#, jquery, HTML5


SQLserver, Rest API