What is BLS Logistics?

To optimize the deliveries, we have our own application that will reduce costs during the time of transportation. With the help of this integrated application, timely delivery of any goods is possible followed by the implementation of an effective solution.

To send the request for the good transfer

To transfer the goods from one place to another, and to send the request to the driver via the application.

Segregating the application into 3 sections

These are user app, driver app and control panel.

Driver -user lives chatting

To know the status of the transportation, the user can message the truck derive and know all about it. This facilitates smooth communication.


Awesome Screens


During the development of this application, we have faced a few challenges, but with the efficient development team, we have successfully overcome it. What we have faced, lean ourselves forward for the betterment of our work.
Here are a few challenges that we have faced-

Live to track of every driver app

We are facing some problems when we were developing this. It is not an easy task for us to design the app in a way so that it takes control of the deliveries, real-time route-planner, etc. However, we have successfully overcome this.

A user-friendly application

As all the drivers are not that much literate, so we have to create an easy application, that they could easily use. After facing some barriers, we have done it successfully.

To find the nearest available truck

As the client wanted to track the truck through the application, we had successfully implanted this on the application. This is the least challenging than the client’s other requirements.

To find the best route

If a truck is going to one place to another, then what could be the best route? We have asked our development team if it could be successfully implemented on the application, and they have said yes. Within a stipulated time, we have also done this.


Powerful Features

In-App Notification

In app notification makes the application much richer in terms of using. In app notification helps the users to get the vehicle information via a notification like when it starts and location information as well.

Admin Panel

As this has been bifurcated into three categories, the Admin panel is one of its core.

• Route Estimation

Source location and Destination location to estimate the best route and the time and kilometer as well.

• Manage all the app users

Source location and Destination location to estimate the best route and the time and kilometer as well.


Vehicle Search

You can know if there are any vehicle nearest to you or the vehicle location when it is already has started its journey.

Real Time Tracking

 This app has a unique feature of real time tracking system. It is used to automatically detect the location of the vehicle in real time.

Manage Complex Tools

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Technical Implementation

We have taken the help of these languages during the development of the application.


• Front end- c#, Xaml
• Back end- RestAPI, SQLite
• Framework- Xamaerine, .net standard

Control Panel

• Front end- HTML5, CSS3, jquery
• Back end- c#, post greSQL.
• Framework- .Net, framework 4.5


After taking a time 3 months, we have successfully developed the application. Our professional developers have successfully shaped the application so that it can be used in a user-friendly way. We have provided the application to the client as per their requirement and they were satisfied with our work and appreciate our excellence.