Retail Venta

Our Details

Retail Venta is a product of TradeSights web services. We provide the required application to help you in keeping stock details, maintaining billing system and maintaining your orders of grocery materials. The best part of this application is it will be available in online and offline both modes. The offline mode, “Inventory Plus” is accessible from same local area network. But you can easily access the online mode, “Retail Venta” from any device as it doesn’t need any specific browser.

About Our product

With the concept of accounting solutions of grocery materials, we have launched the brand new GST ready billing management application. Especially it’s a web-based application. You can browse this software from your device to calculate the pin to elephant for your grocery business. You can maintain stock details, billing system and even orders of your consumers through this application. We are offering the cloud service, Saas (software as a service), GST (The Goods and Services Tax) generated billing system for you to maintain your application. Even it contains customise option too.

Benefits with Retailventa

We proclaim ourselves to be the best organisation who is offering you a brand new billing application for your grocery business with unlimited benefits. Just one touch to install the offline application or browse the online one and you are capable to enjoy the service. You can manage your stock list as well as your transaction billing system by this application. The first good point of this application is that it reduces your manpower. No person should be needed for various activities. The second one is the cloud service can store your transaction information safe so that you can access your account from any web service. The third point is this application will produce you the GST generated bill itself after completing the purchase, so that you can have the hassle free billing system. The best part of this application is it’s easily accessible from any device.

So come to venture with us.


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