Resto Venta

Our Details

Resto Venta is a product of Tradesights Webservices who offers you a whole restaurant software. It’s a brand new software that helps you to maintain your business from the beginning to the conclusion. You can maintain your account management through this software too. Your hotel business needs such a software which has the ultimate solution. With the concept of restaurant accounting solution, we have launched the best brand new restaurant management software with GST ready billing system.

About Our product

A simple process containing perfect registration, signing up, enlisting required information about your restaurants can lead you to consume the software for the ultimate solution for your restaurant business. Every single activity from purchasing to maintain per table order and to GST ready billing system- you can manage each and everything through this software. After registration and logging in, you will get a dashboard containing every sphere of your business. You can choose your needed field from there and can manage each and every single detailing of your business such as- purchase details of raw materials, stock management, usage of materials and products and even per table order too. This software will auto-generate the GST ready billing system to you.

Benefits with Restoventa

We proclaim ourselves to be the best restaurant software with unlimited benefits. As every restaurant management software, Resto Venta has numerous benefits. Such as- attendance management, inventory control, tracking sales, credit and debit card processing, preparation of financial statements and cloud access. With our software, you just need to log in properly and you will able to track every single detailing about your restaurant business. You can manage your purchase details, stock details, usage details in your account as well as maintain per table orders and billing system. It helps in playing multiple roles with multiple actions. This software will be helpful for every sector of your restaurant.

So keep logged in yourself to enjoy the service.


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